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Taqueria Mi Mole Mexican Restaurant

Taqueria Mi Mole Mexican Restaurant

One of Rockwood’s best kept secrets is a GREAT Mexican restaurant on East Burnside and SE 185th Ave (location of former Uzbeki restaurant), just west of the Plaza Del Sol. Although open since last May, we are hoping to spread the word a bit more broadly so that more people can experience the culinary delights that I have been consuming since August.

Abimael (above left) and Efyain (above right) are usually working the lunch hours. Friendly, welcoming, and helpful, they speak Spanish and English.

Today, Steve Carlson and I had a FEAST and enjoyed every bite of it! Tasty without being too spicy, they also provide mild, medium, and hot sauce to add at your discretion. We had Mole Oaxaquenos Mix, Sopes, Panuchos, Tamale Yucateco, and Huaraches.

As they mention on their menu, their goal is to provide the taste of Mexico in an affordable and traditional way. They have food from different regions and states in Mexico: Mexico City, Oaxaca, Yucatan, and more! Visit and enjoy for yourself, and let all of your friends know as well.

reviewed by Scott McCracken

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