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Juba East African Restaurant

Juba East African Restaurant

A few months ago I noticed a new African restaurant within walking distance of my house around 122nd and Market (just south of Market on the east side of the road). Imagine my surprise and delight! After all, we dig African food and so I popped in to check things out.

It took a few months before we arranged a visit, but we’re so glad we did! I invited another family with Kenyan roots and we moaned, oohed and aahed at the samosas, chapatis, fish, rice and chicken. It was our first time trying out Custard Apple juice (it’s an actual fruit, not a combo of two things). There is an international grocery store just behind the restaurant where I recognized a few items from southeast Africa where I spent time.

Qorani was our server and was a very friendly guy and welcomes one and all. Check out the video below to see more. Loved the community-style eating! Not sure if that comes standard or not, but we requested it and enjoyed every second.

reviewed by Tim Cowley

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