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Portlanders Stand With Refugees and Immigrants

Portlanders Stand With Refugees and Immigrants

If you felt the earth shaking last night and happen to live in Portland, it wasn’t the fault line preparing for the big one. That was hundreds, probably even more than a thousand (if Facebook events keep proper tally) gathering together at the Portland Parks & Rec community center in SE PDX for the PORTLANDERS STAND WITH REFUGEES & IMMIGRANTS free community event.

The idea behind this Friday night outing is to bring together cultures and backgrounds in a support of welcoming, love and unity. And it certainly felt like all of those things thanks to a smoothly run evening complete with Bollywood, Middle Eastern, African and Bollywood dancing. Oh, and Bollywood too. 🙂

Som Subedi helped organize the evening along with a faithful group of volunteers and other parks department staff. During the event Mr. Subedi (Engagement Coordinator, Parks for New Portlanders Program), Trang Lam (Assistant Director for Portland Parks & Recreation) and City Commissioner Amanda Fritz addressed the crowd while Mediterranean and Hawaiian food carts catered out-of-doors and handicrafts were sold in the hallway where new Community Youth Ambassadors helped engage the public and share about what the parks department is all about.

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