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Giant Gyros

Giant Gyros

Out with the old, in with the new as the saying goes. Subway’s exit gives room for Giant Gyros on the southeast corner of SE 82nd and Burnside. This spot with plenty of seating is clean and friendly and the food is super tasty! Giant Gyros offers the usual Mediterranean fare: kababs, falafel, salads, shawarma and for dessert baklava. I really enjoyed meeting these Egyptians new to Portland and hope you will to! Call 503-252-5932 to place an order. –reviewed by Tim


2 thoughts on “Giant Gyros”

  • Thanks for posting this, Tim. I have been wondering about that place. I have given up finding anything close to authentic Greek food but am willing to settle for something “super tasty”.

    • The guy at the register was SO friendly, too. A big contrast to many other places where people are often just all business.

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