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Taqueria Ramos

Taqueria Ramos

Taqueria Ramos is a cute little Mexican taco stand tucked beside the Stop & Go convenience store at SE 122nd and SE Lincoln St. (2056 SE 122nd). Gudelia Jacinto, originally from Veracruz, is the master behind these works of art and set up shop here less than two years ago. I went with the enchiladas while my wife enjoyed her carne asada. Both dishes were simply a-m-a-z-i-n-g! We weren’t quite up on how to properly order tacos for the kiddos so they didn’t quite get their fill but were happy to walk back home as they were getting chilly on this early spring evening. We didn’t have any trouble ordering despite not speaking Spanish (though a basic understanding comes in pretty handy). Just don’t make the mistake of leaving with the friendly “buenos nachos” that I called out to Gudelia as we exited the gate. I really, really hope she didn’t hear me and honestly I really, really was trying to say goodnight.

–reviewed by Tim Cowley

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