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Become a Bridge

Become a Bridge

Bridges span two sides. Portland is famous for its bridges (among many other, uh, interesting things we are famous for). I’m looking for bridges (aka cultural ambassadors, volunteers, etc.) who are willing to span two cultures: those of us in Portland who are established locals with newer arrivals from more international cultures (Asia, Africa, Middle East, etc.).

With your permission, it would be great to include your photo and mini bio here on this page. Then as you head from place to place, you’ve got some cred as to why you are involved in this project and who you are. To get started, just email me at babatim@gmail.com.

Current Community Bridges include…

Scott McCracken spent 26 years in Austria and Greece serving refugees with International Teams. He is married to Vicki and they have 5 children. Scott has been in Portland since 2013 working on a team that raises awareness and works toward the prevention of Child Sex Trafficking, and mobilizes holistic investment in the community of Rockwood.